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Are you open now?

We are opening on the same day as the Game of Thrones Finale Season Premiere.(15th April IST)

Can I book now?

You can book on our website after signing in. You can always call us @ +91-8618923311 and make a booking.

Will you show new releases?

We do not own any content. You have to use your own streaming accounts like Netflix, PrimeVideo, Hotstar etc.

Is food available?

Yes, all your munching needs are sorted. We currently provide popcorn, chips and soft drinks. More to be followed.

Is alcohol available?

We do not serve\allow alcohol into the premises

Can we bring our own food?

Bring/order your food. Ask to know the best restaurant choices nearby.

How many people can you accommodate?

The regular seating capacity can accommodate 10. We can add  Call us @ +91-8618923311

Is there a CCTV camera in the premises?

The entire premises is under CCTV surveillance to ensure the security of the customers.

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