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Interstellar – Movie bits

One of the best experiences I have had while watching a movie in a theatre is Interstellar. It speaks out to the geek in me but also it shows the relationship between a father and his daughter in the most beautiful way (yes, you guessed it I am a daddy’s girl). The movie opens up your imagination to something more than what we know. A future not on this earth. Another great joy while watching this movie is it’s BGM by Hans Zimmer! He’s one of my favorites, and the music is out of this world, literally. In and all, I feel like this movie teaches us to be explorers and teaches us about survival instinct which is relevant to all of us right now, more than ever. I find myself coming back to this movie whenever I am in the mood for a well written sci-fi movie. Also, how can you not fall in love with Mathew McConaughey, haha.

This movie opens your imagination to something more than what we know. A future not on this Earth, blackholes, interstellar travel, space, 5-dimensional worlds, time slippage and most importantly the connection that binds us all, love. From the quirky robots, beautiful locations, to the emotional scenes between Cooper and his daughter this movie is a must watch for any space lovers out there. Or Nolan’s fans.

Interstellar currently streaming on both Netflix and Prime Video. I watched it again recently in Binge Club - Private Theatre. Amid all the COVID chaos, it was a much needed break to get immersed in the grandeur and awe of Nolan and Zimmer magic.


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