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movie Theatre

Stream it BIG!!!

Make the theatre your home! Experience the fun in streaming your favourite series, movies, and sport events in your private mini theatre





Cast your streaming services on to a large screen
Eat whenever you want in between your  favourite shows
Play your favourite games with a never before experience

Be the Boss

Movable and cozy seating to fit all your needs of movie watching. Make it how you want it.

Make it your Adda 

Enjoy your game days with your gang.
Make it your 'Central Perk'

Rewatch, Replay and Rewind

Control your theatre watching experience like never before. Decide your own breaks and decide your own content.

For true movie lovers

We are a bunch of movie geeks who want to share our passion for movie watching experience.


Join our exclusive community to discuss everything movie-related every weekend.



338, 4th floor

27th Main Road,

HSR Layout,

Bengaluru - 560102

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338, 4th floor

27th Main Road, HSR Layout,

Above Tandoori Club

Bengaluru - 560102

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Luxurious plush sofas and recliners personalized for your comfort